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apollo 11 mocr mp3

The Apollo 11 Descent and Landing - A Tribute to Honeysuckle ...
On Earth, in the MOCR (Mission Operations Control Room, Houston), and on the MSFN . 60 min / 29.3MB mp3 file (Right-click / control-click to save it.) . is seated at the Network console in the MOCR, during the Apollo 11 Trans Lunar Coast.

Added links on the front page to key Apollo 11 events but see the whole section . Added a panoramic photo of the MOCR, from next to the DoD Observer's . You can download the 13 minutes programme as a 6.3Mb mp3 file on this page.

Apollo 11 artifacts in private collections - collectSPACE: Messages
Flown Flight Plan p3-37 & p3-38; Flown Flight Plan p3-4a . Apollo EECOM Sy Liebergot's Apollo 11 MOCR badge. Liebergot was a member of .

Apollo 11 Flight Journal - Day 3: Flight Plan Updates
Sep 19, 2009 . Apollo 11 continues its outward coast, leaves the Earth's sphere of gravitational . [MP3 audio file. 1788 kB.] . [SPAN is Spacecraft Analysis, a team of engineers outside the MOCR who stood by ready to work problems on the .

But what happens if the debtor makes no discernable "offer", and instead tenders payment in an amount less than the debt owed?

Apollo 11 Flight Journal - Day 4: Entering Lunar Orbit
Oct 8, 2009 . [As the crew sleep, Apollo 11 falls towards the Moon, now . [MP3 audio file. . PAO: The MOCR is the Mission Operations Control Room.

Apollo 11 Flight Journal - Day 2: Mid-course Correction
Aug 4, 2009 . [On wakening, the crew of Apollo 11 receive some updates to their Flight Plan, . [ MP3 audio file. . Here in the Mission Control Operations Room [means Mission Operations Control Room], or MOCR as it is called, the Black .

Apollo Radio Conversations [Archive] - Bad Astronomy and Universe ...
Mar 1, 2002 . Listening to the Apollo 11 landing Flight controllers loop and the capcom/Eagle . EVA long-play part 1 (includes MOCR ground loop audio) . It's not uncommon for broadcast-quality MPEG decoders to spool a few seconds' .

Apollo 13 (1995) movie script - Screenplays for You
[Here is how the movie departs from the actual mission: Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise were all in the MOCR during the Apollo 11 moon landing.] .

Mission Control Center (MCC) Building 30
After the initial test flights of the Space Shuttle, the MOCR designation was changed to FCR, . MOCR2 was the control room for Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969 .



Internet Archive Search: subject:"What -- Apollo 11"
You searched for: subject:"What -- Apollo 11", Advanced search . in the Mission Operations Control Room (MOCR) during the Apollo 11 lunar touchdown.

Charles Duke: Information from Answers.com
In 1969, he was a member of the astronaut support crew for Apollo 10. He then served as capcom for Apollo 11, the first landing on the Moon, where his .


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