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DEPLOYED: Learn How to Wear a Shoulder Holster Properly or For ...
Aug 17, 2010 . So how many wrong ways are there to wear a Shoulder Holster? . the way down to their waist, then they adjust it so the pistols grip is facing up .

How to Properly Adjust a Shoulder Holster | eHow.com
Shoulder holsters are used to transport or conceal weapons so that they are . If you are right-handed, the holster should be on the left side looking down on the flat . Additionally, the thumb snap on the holster should be facing downward and .

How to Wear a Horizontal Cross Shoulder Holster | eHow.com
Horizontal cross shoulder holsters allow you to carry a handgun with the . all the straps) right side up and facing you, if it is upside down then so are the straps.

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A Comparison of a Shoulder Holster and a Belt Holster | eHow.com
When wearing a vertical shoulder holster, the gun is placed in a vertical position with the muzzle facing downward. Vertical shoulder holsters are most often .

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If you are researching shoulder holsters, then you'll find a large number of . The business end of the weapon points down and the butt of the weapons rides upright . your rear and the butt of the weapon will be facing out away from your body.

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facing down range, hands relaxed at sides; gun loaded & holstered. Stage Procedure: . Setup Notes: Set paper targets to 5 feet at the shoulders. Hard cover on .

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Dec 29, 2011 . The most common holsters are belt holsters and shoulder holsters. . The gun can be held with the barrel facing down (vertical) or behind you .



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Besides a shoulder holster or off the body carry, this is the easiest position to draw . to draw a gun from this placement the grip should be facing the strong side.

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Vertical Military Shoulder Holster. . Most of all you wanted a vertical holster with the barrel end of the business facing down, not out at your buddies behind you.


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