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In case you are not keeping up with prophecies, signs and wonders, there is a group . prophecies, dreams, and visions I-35 is the highway spoken of in Isaiah 35, . "There've been very specific cities given in these prophetic words, and they .

Isaiah 35:8 And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of ...
And a highway - The word ???? vederech is by mistake added to the first member . soaring high as it does in majestic softness and light, the prophecy has now .

Prophetic Word by Cindy Jacobs 3/6/11 But I want to give a word to ...
But I want to give a word to the church and to Terry and Susan: And the Lord would . 35 says the Lord, I will build a highway to the nations from this place and .

Faulty use of prophecy by Christian Zionists « News that matters
“In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. . of history and scripture, a faulty and dangerous use of the Prophetic Word. . This entry was posted on Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 7:35 am and is filed under endtimes, Israel.

But what happens if the debtor makes no discernable "offer", and instead tenders payment in an amount less than the debt owed?

700 Club: I-35 Can Stop Homosexuality - YouTube
Nov 28, 2007 . 700 Club: I-35 Can Stop Homosexuality . a supposed prophecy that is being fulfilled through the interstate highway system. . there are ppl who claim to be christian who really dont? follow by the word of the bible. im sorry for .

The Way
In other words Jesus was claiming that he is the true road or highway that leads to "my . We know that God had certainly sent other Prophets in the past. . For example, Jesus claimed to be bread (John 6:35), living bread (John 6:51), light .

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Mar 31, 2012 . Barbara Yoder – prophetic word – Starting the Year Off Right Conference 2007Denton, Texas"Minnesota"Mini-soda . Chuck Pierce - Understanding the Angelic Highway - 2011 . Tue, Mar 13 2012 10:35 | Prophetic Word .



FULFILLED PROPHECIES tell us we are in end time as written in ...
FULFILLED PROPHECIES are solid proof we are in END TIMES as written in many . ISAIAH 35:8 And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called . hundreds of miles of vineyards . proving once again Gods words is the truth .


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